Inspired by collections from the Cooper Hewitt Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, Keed is a combination of outlines of Egyptian statues, manuscripts, and keys. By overlaying, scaling and rotating my elements, I was able to create a cohesive collection comprised of four prints: key, texture, stripe, and scale. The beautiful statues were photographed by Charles Sheeler and were appreciated more due to his work. Taking two pieces, one a German manuscript and the other, a collage of Shakespeare’s words, I dissected the words into smaller parts to use in the design. Lastly, from a picture of a variety of keys, I selected only two to be used. These motifs carry an overall mood of being fixed and jaded while the colorways present a more modern and energetic look. The colorways include “The Best Compliment” (using the complementary color pair, orange and blue), “Ballet” (a monochromatic palette consisting of pale, rosy and cream colors), and “Mint” (exactly the name with others colors such as a deep violet to set it off). In this way, Keed delivers an unused approach to woven home furniture trends. Having used a mix between dark teal and blue in my main colorway, “The Best Compliment”, my collection also goes with the upholstery color trend of this year, making it more attractive to the market and consumer. Keed is for the consumer who wants high-quality, woven and radical home furnishings to brighten up their space. Whether its a stool to sit at the bar counter, or a novel, minimalist daybed, Keed provides woven cotton designs that are durable and comfortable. 



KEED was selected to be showcased at the ITA Showtime Market in High Point, NC
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